2015 Switchback Brew Pack Jr. Cartoner for Cans

Item Type: Cartoner Case Packer
Manufacturer: Switchback
Model: Brew Pack Jr. AI-2H
Serial: 1353
Year: 2015
Last Use: Beverage Cans
Dimensions: 9 long x 6 wide x 6 tall
Condition: Very Good

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The AI-2H Brewpack Jr is our moderate speed, intermittent motion, servo load style cartoner for can lines. With a wide variety of carton and can sizes available we can offer a solution for most smaller can line applications.

Featuring a recirculation conveyor to reduce back pressure and tight control over the cans throughout the collation cycle, we can receive cans from your line in a variety of ways and control them through the loading process.

The AI-2H features rugged design for high performance and longevity. It features Allen Bradley Kinetix servo drives for controlling the product load, as well as the option for servo control on flights chains, carton erect, and in-feed functions.

Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC
Stainless Steel Construction
Nordson ProBlue 7 Glue System
Setup for 12oz. Cans from a Brewery
Maximum Speed setup for 25 Cases/Minute
Minimum Size of 4 Packs (12/16oz. cans) to 24 Packs (12/16oz. cans)
Runs Chipboard or Corrugated Boxes
Very Good Condition

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