Pearson CE-25 Glue Case Erector – All Stainless Steel

Item Type: Case Erector
Manufacturer: Pearson
Model: CE-25
Serial: 2010CE2512321
Year: 2010
Last Use: Food and Beverage
Dimensions: 10x5x7
Condition: Very Good

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All Stainless Steel Construction, Unit was purchased in 2010, Allen Bradley Compactlogix L31 PLC with PowerFlex VFD Drive, Infeed Blank Hopper, Makes cases from 8 inches to 24 inches in length, 5.50 inches to 16.00 inches in width, 3 inches to 18.50 inches in depth, adjustable machine, 460 Voltage, 60HZ, 3PH, Nordson ProBlue 7 Glue System, Speeds up to 25 cases/minute (depending on case size), Like New Condition